Becoming a Crisis Response Call Center Specialist


Empathia’s crisis management division, known as Black Swan Solutions, offers a one-of-a-kind Crisis Response Call Center (CRCC). The CRCC is staffed solely by trained behavioral health professionals. Because we continue to expand capacity, we engage in ongoing recruitment and training of providers interested in serving as Crisis Response Call Center Specialists.  This role can be done locally at our headquarters or virtually from your home or office. The CRCC is activated within 1 hour of being notified that a client organization has experienced a large-scale crisis.  We serve some of the following industries; transportation, schools, financial institutions, sports & entertainment, non-profit agencies and insurance companies. As a Crisis Response Call Center Specialist representing the affected organization, you will provide psychological first aid to survivors, survivor families and victim families over the phone. You will be a source of support for families and provide information as it becomes available.

The specific requirements for the CRCC role include:

*Access to a computer (PC or Mac)
*Access to high speed internet and telephone (hard line or cell phone)
*Completion of a three part web-based training that includes role play sessions with a trainer
*Becoming familiar with our proprietary victim/family database (very user friendly)
*Doing some “self-practice” to prepare for your final evaluation
*Successfully demonstrating the Crisis Call Center Specialist role through a live evaluation process

If after reading these details you remain interested in preparing to serve in the Crisi Response Call Center role, you can either complete our online application form: or you can send an email to:

Thanks for your interest.