Consultants & Brokers


As a consultant or broker, you want what’s best for your clients.  At Empathia, we excel at being the best.

While we are a national vendor that has a successful history serving some very large and well-recognized accounts, we aren’t the biggest and flashiest vendor on the market.  And we’re fine with that – in fact, that’s part of what makes us unique. You see, when you purchase services from us, what you’re really getting is personalized attention and a customized experience – something that’s really hard to do if you are a goliath.  We like to say we are “right sized,” because not only do we get to know each and every customer, but we also have a portfolio of services that rivals those super-sized vendors.

Bottom line – we’re here to make you and your client’s lives just a little bit easier.  Let us know what your needs are, and we will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

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