BusinessMatters® – Leadership Coaching & Staff Development


Developing effective managers is critical to an organization’s success

BusinessMatters® is Empathia’s service line dedicated to supporting managers and workgroup functionality.  Your managers have an immense impact on your organization, from establishing workplace cultural norms to managing employee performance and productivity.  It’s no wonder that your support can be invaluable to their growth and development, as well as their success.

BusinessMatters services include:

Leader Coaching – Online and telephonic leader coaching models that support frontline managers and supervisors, as well as directors and executives

Executive Leader Development Program – Highly customized skill based training for executives

Management Consultation – Professional consultation on day-to-day and high profile management and personnel issues

Workgroup Assessments – Workgroup and team assessments to improve functionality and resolve impediments

Customized Case Management – Case management for a variety of needs including short term disability, substance abuse, pharmaceutical, and workers compensation cases

Worksite Training – Training and workshops on a variety of topics for managers and all staff, available stand-up or online