LifeMatters® – EAP, Work/Life & Wellness


EAP and wellness programs to support employee wellbeing

LifeMatters® is Empathia’s service line dedicated to employee well-being. From emotional and family counseling to providing geriatric care managment, we make life just a little more manageable for your employees and their families.

Employee Assistance (EAP) and Work/Life Programs – Comprehensive EAP and work/life services throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Programs can be customized to target specific workplace objectives.

International EAP – EAP and work/life services are available in most countries throughout the world for a seamless EAP experience.  In-country call centers and customized promotional collateral ensure that regional dialects and cultural nuances are respected.

Our EAP designs provide an array of other elements, including child and elder care consultation, convenience services, video counseling, interactive training programs, tobacco cessation, etc.

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