Rudeness Run Rampant Hurts Business and Morale

One-third of consumers recently polled said they experience rudeness at the hands of an employee once every month on average. In a report released in the September 2011 edition of the Journal of Service Research, consumers tended not to talk about it — they just took their business elsewhere. While organizations focus on training employees on customer service – certainly a valuable asset – employees should also be trained how to model good behavior.

Do Things the Hard Way, Network, and Get Creative for Evolution of Brain Acuity

Perhaps you think your intelligence is static, that it’s plateaued. Science says differently. The brain has far more capacity to change its intelligence than you may know, and taking counter-intuitive steps like doing things the hard way may actually increase your intelligence on a daily basis.

Who doesn’t want to be brighter, learn better, and adapt more easily to new situations? Scientists are discovering that people not only can increase their own intelligence, but that doing so will have far-reaching and long-lasting results.

Simple Steps to Improve Your Health and Cognitive Function

When was the last time you took a nature walk? Stared up at the stars? Drank a tall glass of fresh water? Meditated on the morning sunshine? You could be missing out on some very cost-effective therapeutic practices.

Therapeutic self care is a new way of looking at changes you can make in your life today that have the power to change your lifestyle dramatically for the better. Nature, raw foods, taking fast walks during breaks may sound like a luxury – but a new paper published by the American Psychological Association reveals that a therapeutic lifestyle leads directly to improved mental health and cognitive performance.

Effective Goal-Setting

Effective goal-setting is a key skill in today’s demanding, fast paced workplace. And according to a study in Current Directions in Psychological Science, the way your frame your goals may influence how you communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, and not always in a good way.