Licenses and Certifications


Our counselors are certified employee assistance professionals (CEAP) and we can provide services in accordance with the Knox-Keene Act in California

Quality is touted by most organizations, but few actually live up to their claims.  Empathia is one of those few.  Our staff are dedicated to excellence and we push ourselves each and every day to exceed expectations and set the bar even higher than the day before.

Knox-Keene Licensure:  Our subsidiary, Empathia Pacific, is licensed in California as a Specialized Health Care Service Plan in accordance with the Knox-Keene Act.  This is of particular importance to organizations with employees living or working in the State of California where EAP programs providing more than 3-sessions per six month period must be licensed.  Click here for a white paper on the benefits of selecting a Knox-Keene licensed EAP.

Certified Employee Assistance Professionals:  We require all counselors and consultants to obtain and maintain certification as a Certified Employee Assistance Professionals (CEAP).