Crisis Solutions

Low Probability, High Impact Crisis Management

Individuals. Organizations. Communities. Building on your team’s efforts, Empathia is fully equipped to help you deal with the unforeseen and unimaginable. Our crisis solutions team has partnered with organizations in responding to and recovering from all types of critical incidents, including:

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    Mass fatality incidents

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    Aviation accidents

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    Active shooter situations

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    Terrorist acts

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    Natural disasters

Crisis Management Services

In a crisis, one thing matters most – people. Empathia’s crisis management services help organizations respond to and recover from disruptive events that impact people, whether it’s a small group or a large crowd. Our team supplements and enhances your internal resources by providing:

  • Dedicated, scalable, 24/7 contact center staffed by crisis counselors

  • Global network of responders

  • Critical incident response and management

  • Emergency response plan development & refinement

  • Professional virtual and on-site support

  • Emergency response plan development and refinement

  • Information management resources

  • Organizational and leadership consultation

  • Accounting for people and stakeholders

  • Survivor and family assistance services

  • Customized trainings, functional exercises and drills

  • Proactive outreach to those impacted by an event

Industry Specializations

All organizations are at risk for crises, but some are more vulnerable than others. Whether you must comply with federally-mandated disaster preparedness protocols or want to be better prepared for managing a crisis, our team specializes in unique solutions for:

Our Key Crisis Management Service Offerings


Incident Response Contact Center

In the uncertain times of a crisis, we ensure your organization has the infrastructure to manage your people, information and reputation. Our stand-ready contact center activates within 60 minutes or less, while our team of crisis response professionals organizes and implements critical response mechanisms from our Emergency Operations Center.

Survivor & Family Assistance

Our survivor and family assistance services are designed to provide your team and customers with the support they need during a crisis event. Our team handles all logistical coordination involved with establishing and organizing an on-site or virtual Survivor & Family Assistance Center and pairing specialists 1:1 with survivors and affected families.

Information Management Tool

Our proprietary Disaster Information Management System (DIMS®) is a multi-faceted tool designed to manage high volumes of people-centric information. DIMS is used to securely collect, document and organize critical data. Its scripting capabilities help with communicating vetted information to impacted individuals, families and responders during a crisis.

Critical Incident Response

Offering on-site and virtual support for your organization, our team of crisis response professionals helps your organization and employees in coping with critical events. Individual and group debriefings, management consultation and educational presentations help workforces transition to the “new normal” post-crisis.
ERP Development & Refinement Services

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Development & Refinement

Our ERP services help you create a well-designed blueprint for how to best respond when the worst happens, so that you can protect your team and minimize business disruption and impact.
Training, Exercise & Drills

Training, Exercises & Drills

We tailor our trainings, exercises and drills to your organization, incorporating our team’s wealth of crisis response experience. When the unthinkable happens, your team can be ready to respond, from the tactical to the human.

Prepare. Respond. Recover. Ready your organization with Empathia’s crisis solutions.