Education Solutions

Assistance with Life, Family & Wellbeing

Educational institutions are experiencing increased demand for mental health, substance abuse and crisis support services. Our education solutions were born in response to that demand. With decades of providing behavioral health and crisis management services, our dedicated team of professionals stands ready to provide student support programs to your population and their families, assisting with a multitude of challenges, including:

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    Stress and anxiety

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    Behavior and school performance issues

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    Depression and suicidal thoughts

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    Substance abuse concerns

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    Financial concerns and financial aid resources

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    Housing and transportation issues

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    Parenting and child care responsibilities

Student Support

With growing awareness surrounding student safety, substance abuse, absenteeism, dropout rates and other threats, we know that prevention often begins by helping the individual. By supporting your institution with resources for students, we help address your deepest campus challenges. Our services include:

  • Telephonic, video, chat* and face-to-face counseling

  • Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (dCBT)

  • Financial counseling and financial aid support

  • Substance abuse prevention and counseling

  • Support for family members

  • 24/7 crisis support and intervention

  • Resources to help navigate life balance issues

  • Critical incident response and management

  • Resources and assistance for students studying abroad

  • Staff & faculty consultation on student-related concerns

*Not currently available for members in California.

Institutional Specializations

Whether a technical college, large university or small student organization, we have solutions designed to fit your needs.

Our Key Student Support Service Offerings


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling

Provide easy access to confidential assistance to help students experiencing a wide range of personal concerns. Our services help students balance life’s demands while strengthening their personal resilience and coping skills.

Staff & Faculty Consultation

Students struggling with personal or family issues may find learning more difficult. Empathia’s counselors and specialists can coach your institution’s faculty and staff on supporting students in a meaningful and effective manner.

Life Balance Resources

Everyone could use a little help with juggling the details of life. Our team connects students with resources to help navigate financial, legal, housing and childcare challenges, among many others. The result? A life that better supports the learning process.

Critical Incident Response

Offering on-site and virtual support for your organization, our team of crisis response professionals helps your organization and employees in coping with critical events. Individual and group debriefings, management consultation and educational presentations help workforces transition to the “new normal” post-crisis.

Great counselors. Great solutions. Foster healthy learning environments with Empathia.