Workplace Culture Assessment

Evaluate and measure your organization's behavioral landscape and workplace culture


164653172Our workplace Culture Assessment Tool (or CAT) is a different “animal” than traditional employee surveys that measure satisfaction or attitudes.  A scientifically validated and proprietary instrument, the CAT assesses the behavioral landscape of your organization, illuminating the often invisible behavioral norms that shape culture and drive individual actions.

Using a 28-item survey, administered online or on paper, the CAT measures the following dimensions:

  • Collaboration
  • Emotional Safety
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Engagement
  • Health Behaviors
  • Leadership
  • Resilience

The CAT report you receive clearly specifies how your organization is performing in each of these primary dimensions, providing a road map for planning and implementing a culture optimization initiative.

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"How Do I Say That?": Dealing with Change and Uncertainty

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Case Studies

"Our experience with Empathia has been extremely professional and very positive. Regardless, if it is a simple request or a critical incident with an employee, it was always handled with the upmost of compassion and privacy. It has become a great partnership for us.
-Monica Baker, Senior VP Marketing/Human Resources, PyraMax Bank
"The geriatric care manager said some of the same things I've been saying to my mother, but because she liked the care manager and seemed to trust that she was getting the opinion of a professional, she was willing to listen and agreed to some changes that will be a real relief for me."
-Senior Care Services user
"I wish we had known about geriatric care management a while ago - it would have saved my family a lot of time and trouble trying to figure out how to navigate through the maze of elder care."
-Senior Care Services user
"Our HR manager recently left the company. As the HR Assistant, I was contacted right away by our Account Manager to update our contact information. He was very helpful, sent confirmation right away, and let us know about available services."
-Julie Dantuma, HR Assistant, Midwest company
"This is an excellent employee benefit. From the monthly EAP flyers to the management consultations, from the health assessments to actual counselors on the phones, we have been very happy with all the services Empathia provides. When a national tragedy occurs, they are on top of the situation to help employers and employees deal with the aftermath. When we have an employee issue that requires a mandatory referral to Empathia, thank goodness there is such a thing as a mandatory referral. Empathia is the EAP to have!"
-HR Director, California-based financial agency
"Our Account Manager is very responsive when we reach out for anything."
-Robin Corralez, VP of Human Resources, RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc.
"Empathia has been a great organization to work with. They have been supportive with on-site visits to help in crisis situations. The feedback from our team members has been positive and appreciative of such a service. Empathia works with us to make their product and service offerings work within our environment."
-Director of HR, large Ohio-based distribution company
"Our company, which is comprised of six (6) store locations, was looking to re-institute an EAP benefit for our employees. With the assistance of Burkwald & Associates, our insurance consultant, who provided us with EAP options and comparisons, it became clearly evident that Empathia was who we wanted to administer our EAP. Empathias program coverage is excellent in that in covers all employees regardless of employment status and those living under their roof in a very cost effect manner to both us as the employer and those covered under our plan. We have made several employer referrals and are aware of some employee self-referrals and the feedback from our employees in both cases was very positive. We are happy to be able to provide this valuable benefit to our employees.

"We find the staff at Empathia to be very responsive, supportive, and excellent in follow up with our HR benefits administrative staff and are very happy with our choice."
-Jon D. Dahle, HR Director, Fox Brothers Piggly Wiggly
"Our Account Manager is GREAT, always proactive, and on top of any situation that occurs."
-Karrie Hillestad, Manager, Human Resources, Titan Air
"Sheridan Memorial Hospital in Sheridan, WY enjoys the Empathia services and is pleased with the feedback from employees who have used their services. The literature is meaningful and appropriate."
-Dixie Kansala, Benefits Coordinator, Sheridan Memorial Hospital
"Our experience with Empathia has been positive from a corporate standpoint when I have needed assistance with employee referrals as well as from the employee side, with positive comments and appreciation for Empathias assistance."
-Director Human Resources, manufacturing company
"I wanted to let all of you know how much I have appreciated our continued professional relationship over the past year. Empathia always exceeds my expectations for excellence, customer care, and empathy to all those you serve. I just wanted all of you to know how much this means to those who use Empathia - and how much I really do appreciate it as well."
-Emmett Fuller, affiliate provider in Marietta, GA
"I have been blown away with Empathia and how all of them have worked so well with us."
-Joanne Dermady, EAP Clinical Manager, Wegmans EAP
The City of Sheridan uses Empathia services. The feedback that we have received from our employees has been very positive. Their staff is professional and great to work with, and they handle matters with compassion and maintain privacy. The literature they send out is great for our employees and is something we couldnt do on our own. I would definitely recommend their services to any organization.
-Heather Doke, HR Director, City of Sheridan
"It is rare that I work with a vendor who is so on top of everything."
-Cindy Haynes, HR Operations Manager, Greenlee Textron
"We recently had an incident at one of our locations involving domestic violence in the workplace. We reached out to Empathia to send a counselor on site to help our folks work through the violence they witnessed. The counselor spoke to the group regarding the situation and then was available for one-on-ones of which several people took advantage of.

"The feedback I have received over the last few years regarding Empathias services has been quite impressive and I would strongly recommend their services to other organizations."
-Benefits Specialist, midsize retail organization
"We had not long been with Empathia when our company suffered the trauma of having a co-worker murdered within sight of one of our branch locations. Empathia was quick to respond and had people available for various needs during the event. Sometimes, there was serious help required; sometimes it was just to listen. Empathia's EAP benefit will always be valuable to us."
-HR Manager, Pennsylvania-based distribution company
"Empathia has done a fine job in providing monthly materials and on-demand on-site help."
-Cheryl Karr, EEO/Affirmative Action Rep., General Dynamics NASSCO
"My father was facing some very complicated medical and rehab issues, bouncing back and forth between the hospital and the rehab center. The geriatric care manager had a background in nursing and was able to speak with the other professionals involved and get things straightened out."
-Senior Care Services user
"I have always been a proponent of Employee Assistance Programs. I told my Manager if only one employee uses the EAP, it is worth it. I have worked with Empathia for over 15 years. I was so excited when I started at ASI four years ago to see that they used Empathia for their EAP. I have always found Empathia to be very responsive to our needs. This was more than evident when we had a tragedy over a year ago. An Empathia counselor was on site the next day ready and able to offer grief counseling to our employees. She also returned a week later to hold group meetings for employees. I think this experience has shown our employees the value of their EAP."
-Debbie Lessard, HR Manager, ASI Technologies, Inc.
"I contacted EAP about a potential landlord tenant dispute. They gave me the name of an attorney within one day, and I scheduled my free 30-minute consultation immediately. Afterwards, they followed up a few times to make sure I'd made contact and that I was happy with the services. The lawyer's 30 minute consultation was just what I needed to know my rights and prepare for my case. I was also offered a discount on the lawyer's services if I ever needed to hire them. The EAP was just what I needed when I needed it, and I appreciate them saving me money, time, and heartache trying to seek legal help the conventional route!"
-Marketing Associate, midsize electronic company