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Because Business Happens Around the World

Global EAP & Crisis Management Services

Mental health. Substance abuse. Work/life concerns. Crisis events. These global issues do not discriminate based on geography. At Empathia, our global service delivery team has partnered with other agencies to help individuals and organizations improve employee wellbeing, productivity and safety. Through these relationships, Empathia and our strategic partners have aligned our shared service philosophies and competencies to support your global business operations, including:

  • Worldwide, consistent service offerings
  • High standards for measurable outcomes
  • Accessibility despite location
  • A continuum of care across the spectrum of crisis events
  • Simplified program administration
  • Integrated reporting and metrics

We proudly serve a wide variety of global industries and organizations across six continents.

The Importance of a Global Partnership

Culture. Language. Religion. Law. These distinct elements require culturally-sensitive solutions. At Empathia, we know that providing international EAP and crisis management services cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Empathia’s strategic partnerships combine an array of culturally sensitive approaches to close the service gaps that geography can impose.

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Compassion is Our Strength, Worldwide

Global Employee Assistance

With a network of credentialed providers around the world, LifeMatters Global delivers reliable, effective EAP services where and when you need them:

  • 24/7 local language call centers
  • Credentialed providers around the world
  • EAP, legal and financial resource referrals
  • Culturally relevant management consultation and referrals
  • U.S. and Canadian expatriate support
  • Local and global account management oversight
  • Proprietary program promotion delivery tool
  • Global and regional utilization reporting
  • Global blended rates vs. country-by-country pricing
  • Consistent clinical standard of care

Across borders. Across beliefs. Across the world. Providing simple, user-friendly employee assistance programs to diverse cultures is our specialty.

Global Crisis Response Network

With a network of professionals spanning six continents, our team ensures that local providers are trained in crisis response. Our responders are qualified behavioral health professionals with extensive crisis management experience, providing organizations with:

  • Experience-based executive and management consultation on crisis response and survivor/family assistance best practices
  • Emotional support and coaching for leaders
  • On-site crisis support and debriefings for affected individuals
  • Survivor and family assistance to include information, support and logistical coordination in the days following an incident
  • Structure and staffing to establish a Family Assistance Center that coordinates the provision of information with assistance and briefings by authorities for affected families

We work best at the intersection of critical and compassion. Prepare your organization for the unexpected with Empathia’s global crisis management services.

Wellbeing, Safety & Productivity. Put LifeMatters Global to Work Today.

Impact Response Model by Empathia

Bringing Competence, Compassion & Commitment to Those We Serve


From individual or small-scale events to large-scale crises that impact an entire community, we have your back.


Whether it’s a strategic response to an individual need or a full-scale disaster, our expert team is accessible on an immediate, live-answer basis, 24/7 across the globe.


Through a customized, phased approach, our team provides specific tools and resources tailored to the unique challenges facing your workforce and organization.

Through the integration of two distinct capabilities – employee assistance and large-scale crisis response and recovery – we’re able to provide services across a continuum of care, spanning the needs of individuals, families, teams, entire organizations and their communities.

When you access international EAP services from LifeMatters Global, our team of caring, competent professionals provide individual and family crisis intervention, counseling and work/life support.

Layer on our Black Swan Solutions service and, should a crisis or disaster impact your organization, you’ll experience the power of our full-scale, strategic response.

At Empathia, our services intertwine, closing the gap between EAP and large-scale crisis management. While virtually all EAP firms offer assistance with small-scale critical incidents, our team provides a robust response and recovery service scalable to crises and disasters of far greater magnitude. Experience industry-leading employee assistance, comprehensive crisis response, global service delivery, seamless handoffs and powerful communication technologies, all leading to unsurpassed support for your organization during times of critical need.

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