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Developing Cultures that Promote Organizational Success

Workplace Culture Optimization

Workplace culture. It impacts talent acquisition, employee morale, retention, wellbeing and organizational success. However, culture is often left to develop on its own, rather than being intentionally cultivated to achieve specific goals and the organization’s overall mission. Empathia’s Culture1st services measure and address seven key behavioral dimensions underpinning optimal workplace cultures, as follows:

  • Collaboration
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Emotional safety
  • Engagement
  • Health
  • Leadership
  • Resilience

Our scientifically-validated Culture Assessment Tool (CAT) helps you determine where to focus your time, energy and budget to have the greatest impact on organizational success.

What is Workplace Culture?

Culture is a mixture of characteristics common to most workplaces. A few examples include work/life balance, beliefs, values, respect, attitudes, safety, management philosophy, etc. However, at its core, culture is ultimately driven by individual behaviors that shape organizational success.

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Assessing the Behavioral Landscape of Your Workplace

Culture1st Business Consulting

Developing a clear vision for your organization’s culture is a critical element of your overall business strategy. Empathia’s Culture1st process begins with a scientifically-validated assessment that measures employee behaviors known to shape workplace culture. Through the development of a strategic implementation plan that addresses key culture issues, our team delivers customized recommendations and culture optimization services such as:

  • Customized leadership development
  • Targeted coaching
  • Change management consultation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • Mindfulness programs
  • Other customized approaches

Your workplace culture encompasses the character and personality of your organization. It’s what makes your business unique and what keeps your employees energized. Learn how Culture1st can collaborate with your organization to cultivate a workplace culture of wellbeing and success.

Leader Coaching

Leaders aren’t confined to the C-suite. To succeed, leaders must know their trade and possess business acumen, but their overall effectiveness rests heavily on Emotional Intelligence. Empathia’s Leader Coaching assesses and enhances the emotional intelligence of your leaders, including their capacities for self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, empathy and interpersonal effectiveness. Customized approaches include:

  • Virtual or on-site executive and leadership coaching
  • Virtual or on-site manager and supervisor training
  • Executive Leadership Development Programs (ELDP)

Workplace culture is a direct reflection of leadership. To optimize your organization’s culture, you need to develop a core of engaged executives, managers and supervisors who role model and encourage behaviors supporting employee wellbeing and productivity.

Our Key Workplace Culture Optimization Offerings

Understand Employee Behaviors & Promote a Positive Organizational Culture


Culture Assessment Tool

In order to determine baselines and set measurable goals, you need to first assess your organization’s culture. Empathia’s scientifically-validated Culture Assessment Tool (CAT) provides a simple, effective means for assessing workplace culture. Rather than assessing attitudes and satisfaction levels, it identifies and measures specific behaviors known to positively shape workplace culture.

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Leadership Coaching Programs

An employee’s relationship with his or her direct supervisor has a significant impact on job satisfaction, engagement and productivity. Our customized on-site and virtual coaching programs are designed to identify attributes and behaviors that your organization values in its successful leaders and develop these capacities through skill-based coaching and training.

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Behavioral Solutions

Promote wellbeing, health and organizational productivity in your workplace with our wide array of tools and behavioral solutions. Designed around evidence-based best practices and measurable impacts and outcomes, our team works hand-in-hand with leadership to administer a customized culture optimization plan, communication strategy and deployment tactics.

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Mindfulness Programs

In combination with emotional intelligence, mindfulness has been identified as a fundamental attribute supporting employee wellbeing and organizational success. Empathia’s mindfulness programs provide evidence-based training that optimizes employee engagement and self-care.

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Assess, Plan, Engage & Deploy Your Customized Workplace Optimization Program.

Impact Response Model by Empathia

Bringing Competence, Compassion & Commitment to Those We Serve


From individual or small-scale events to large-scale crises that impact an entire community, we have your back.


Whether it’s a strategic response to an individual need or a full-scale disaster, our expert team is accessible on an immediate, live-answer basis, 24/7 across the globe.


Through a customized, phased approach, our team provides specific tools and resources tailored to the unique challenges facing your workforce and organization.

Through the integration of two distinct capabilities –  – employee assistance and large-scale crisis response and recovery – we’re able to provide services across a continuum of care, spanning the needs of individuals, families, teams, entire organizations and their communities.

When you access EAP services from LifeMatters, our team of caring, competent professionals provide individual and family crisis intervention, counseling and work/life support.

Layer on our Black Swan Solutions service and, should a crisis or disaster impact your organization, you’ll experience the power of our full-scale, strategic response.

At Empathia, our services intertwine, closing the gap between EAP and large-scale crisis management. While virtually all EAP firms offer assistance with small-scale critical incidents, our team provides a robust response and recovery service scalable to crises and disasters of far greater magnitude. Experience industry-leading employee assistance, comprehensive crisis response, global service delivery, seamless handoffs and powerful communication technologies, all leading to unsurpassed support for your organization during times of critical need.

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