Incident Response Contact Center

Ready to Answer, Ready to Serve - 24/7

A crisis is complicated enough. Simplify communications and eliminate the need for your internal team to field calls, track down key personnel and prompt responses. Our specialized contact center is ready to stand with you during a crisis. Our team will supplement and enhance your internal resources by:

  • Delivering messaging to impacted individuals and their families
  • Allowing individuals to feel heard and supported through the crisis
  • Coordinating the difficult task of accounting for people
  • Acting as an information hotline when communications systems are down or overwhelmed
  • Aggregating call information for real-time decision-making
  • Providing a bridge to critical incident response and EAP resources when needed

Solve a critical need with a stand-ready contact center in times of crisis.

Deploy a Tested Solution in Times of Crisis

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Contact Center & Specialized Hotline Services

Our Incident Response Contact Center provides a deep bench of multi-faceted support services, including:

  • A dedicated, scalable and incident-specific contact center available 24/7
  • Operational readiness in 60 minutes or less
  • Qualified mental health professionals, as the first point of contact
  • Access to integrated translation services (170+ languages)
  • Capacity to address over 5,000 calls per hour
  • A dedicated toll-free number and incident-specific messaging

Services may vary by plan. Please contact or call 866.332.9595 for detailed information.

Scalable Solutions

Our contact center staffing flexes to meet your needs while managing costs. We offer robust response capacity, outstanding customer service and improved outcomes.

Qualified Crisis Specialists

We provide the people, technology and systems that your situation requires. Our specialists must meet rigorous education and experience requirements, undergo careful screening and complete our crisis response and annual trainings.

Tailored Services

Whether responding to a natural disaster, anonymous threat, pandemic, violent incident or other organizational challenges, our crisis solutions team offers tailored solutions to meet the needs of rapidly evolving events.

People-first Approach

Crisis response requires compassion first. We connect with callers as individuals, focusing on their needs while also providing consistent information and emotional support.

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Survivor & Family Assistance

Provide support fast! Logistical coordination coupled with a virtual/on-site Family Assistance Center pairs our crisis specialists 1:1 with survivors and families.


Information Management Tool

Information, incident management, data aggregation and notifications at our fingertips. Our proprietary software helps you communicate when it matters most.


Critical Incident Response

Help your entire business team transition to a “new normal” following a crisis. We coordinate responses for your employees, vendors and customers.

Deepen your bench with a trusted team of experts.