Survivor & Family Assistance

Responding With Compassion & Care

The capacity and experience to respond in a crisis is critical – whether it is a large-scale event or a more contained incident. Survivor & family assistance requires compassion coupled with expertise in behavioral health and crisis counseling. On behalf of your organization, we support survivors and families in times of crisis by:

  • Providing a central access portal for affected individuals
  • Coordinating briefings with local authorities and safety personnel
  • Gathering and distributing information to survivors and families
  • Reducing media access to the assistance areas
  • Arranging for family travel, lodging and memorial needs
  • Easing problematic family dynamics that sometimes emerge during stressful events

We focus on the needs of individuals impacted by the incident so you can focus on organizational continuity and recovery plans.

Survivor & Family Assistance

Be Ready for Anything

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Survivor & Family Assistance Center Services

Be ready to support the people needs of a crisis situation no matter the scale, location or affected population. Our responders offer expert coordination of resources, compassionate mental health support and organizational planning to aid survivors and families in crisis, including:

  • Ability to establish a Family Assistance Center (FAC) near incident site – U.S. and abroad
  • Specialists paired 1:1 with survivor and survivor families
  • Arranging family member’s travel to the site and then home
  • Process to meet, greet and escort family members to the FAC
  • Accommodations, ground transportation and catering
  • Briefings by investigative and forensic authorities
  • Group events such as site visits and memorial services

Services may vary by plan. Please contact or call 866.332.9595 for more information.

Trained Experts

At a critical time, our professional counselors and crisis managers address survivors’ needs in a timely and caring fashion.

Local Responders

In-person support where and when it is needed. We maintain a network of over 10,000 responders nationwide and an additional 5,000 internationally.

Population Segregation

The simplest details are often overlooked. Based on years of experience, we have devised methods for segregating those receiving welcome news from bad news, all provided in private, appropriate settings.

Diligent Information

The information-gathering process can feel painstakingly arduous at times, but delivering the wrong information can prove far worse. We focus on facts and data, delivering accurate updates in a diligent manner.

Other Crisis Management Services from Empathia


Incident Response Contact Center

A stand-ready call center and Emergency Operations Center help manage people and information. We are at the ready, 24/7.


Information Management Tool

Provide support fast! Logistical coordination coupled with a virtual/on-site Family Assistance Center pairs our crisis specialists 1:1 with survivors and families.


Critical Incident Response

Help your entire business team transition to a “new normal” following a crisis. We coordinate responses to your employees, vendors and customers.

Be proactive = be prepared.