Management Consultation & Performance Coaching

Coaching Helping Leaders Manage Challenging Situations

As experienced managers and leaders understand, there is no cookie-cutter approach to addressing unique employee relations situations. Empathia’s team of highly experienced management consultants have partnered with HR and other organizational leaders in addressing thousands of workforce concerns, including:

  • Delivering difficult feedback to employees
  • Assessing high-risk situations, such as harassment, threats of violence, potential suicide, etc.
  • Handling suspected alcohol or other drug abuse
  • Preparing employees for stressful workplace change
  • Determining an employee’s fitness-for-duty
  • Supporting an employee through a gender transition
  • Coaching a struggling employee
  • Referring an employee for EAP services
  • Any other employee relations issues

Respectful, supportive and accountable relationships between employees and their managers are critical for organizational success.

Management Counsultation

Empower Your Leaders

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Management Consultation Services

Empathia has a long and successful history of partnering with organizations in growing existing and potential leaders. Some of our customized programs include:

  • Virtual or on-site, one-to-one executive and leadership coaching
  • Executive Leadership Development Programs (ELDP) — intensive/customized training for high potential leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) training – EI is the most critical leader attribute
  • Mindfulness programs that promote focus, self-regulation and productivity
  • Customized leadership and management webinars

Services may vary by plan. Please contact or call 866.332.9595 for more information.

Mental Health & Business Perspective

Our dedicated team of consultation specialists and trainers are qualified mental health professionals, bearing expertise and experience in organizational development, leadership training and coaching.

Evidence-based Methods

We closely follow behavioral science and business research, frequently upgrading our offerings to reflect the most current approaches that are proven to be effective.

Close Collaboration with HR

We integrate our consultative efforts with your internal HR and organizational development capabilities. We do not replace, we enhance.

Raising Awareness

We offer ongoing education and informational resources to educate managers and leaders on trends affecting the workforce, helping them remain current and prepared.

Other Employee Assistance Services from Empathia


Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Empower your employees to lead positive, productive and prepared lives at work and at home.

Life Balance Resources

Connect your workforce to resources that help balance the stressors of life. From financial and legal consultation to dependent care and more.

Critical Incident Response

Prepare for the unexpected. Our team can help your organization recover from critical events and post-crisis aftermath in the workplace.

Solve problems that are holding your team back.