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Student & Family Assistance Programs

Educational institutions are experiencing increased demand for mental health, substance abuse and crisis support services. In response to that demand, our student and family assistance programs were born. With decades of providing behavioral health and crisis management services, our dedicated team of professionals stands ready to support your student population and their families with challenges, including:

  • Stress and anxiety concerns
  • Behavior and school performance issues
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Substance abuse concerns
  • Financial concerns and financial aid resources
  • Housing and transportation issues
  • Parenting and child care responsibilities

We are here to support and empower your students and their families to embrace the opportunities that your institution provides.

Focused on People

In education, you face a myriad of concerns like budget cuts, staffing issues and performance metrics. Not to mention the ever-increasing concerns surrounding student and campus safety.

Great Challenges Need Great Partners

Let us focus on caring for your students’ and their families’ mental health and wellbeing, so you can focus on providing an exceptional educational experience.

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Providing Specialized Solutions for Students & Their Families

Services for Higher Education Institutions

With growing concerns surrounding student safety, substance abuse, absenteeism, drop out rates, suicides and other threats, we know that prevention often begins by helping the individual. By supporting your institution with resources to help students and their families, we help address your deepest campus challenges. Our services include:

  • Telephonic, video* and text* counseling
  • Face-to-face counseling
  • Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cCBT)
  • Financial counseling and financial aid support
  • Substance abuse prevention and counseling

*Not currently available for members in California.

  • 24/7 crisis support and intervention
  • Resources to help navigate school/life issues
  • Critical incident response and management
  • Resources and assistance for students studying abroad

Let our team enhance your institution’s success by supporting student wellbeing.

Enhance Your Student Health Plan Offering

Schools, brokers and insurance companies face incredible pressure to offer more for less. Student and family assistance programs from Empathia are designed to enhance your student health plans, not just with additional products to bundle into your offering, but with clinically proven results to encourage positive relationships and retention rates. Enhance your institution’s appeal to prospective students.

Bring the power of EAP to students and their families.

Our Key Service Offerings for Students & Families

Designed for Whatever Challenges Life May Bring


Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Help your students and those who support them with a wide range of personal concerns by providing easy access to confidential assistance. By supporting the needs of the whole family, our services help individuals balance life’s demands, while strengthening their personal resilience and coping skills.
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School/Life Resources

Everyone can use a little help with juggling the details of life. Our LifeMatters team connects students and their families with resources to help navigate financial aid, housing and child care challenges, among many others. The result? A life that better supports the learning process.
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Critical Incident Response

Offering consultation and on-site support for your institution, our team of crisis response professionals helps your students, faculty and staff cope with critical events. Empathia’s individual and group debriefings, faculty and administrative consultation and educational presentations help institutions transition to a “new normal” post-crisis.
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Staff & Faculty Consultation

Students struggling with personal or family issues may find learning more difficult. Empathia’s team of counselors and specialists can coach your institution’s faculty and staff on supporting students in a meaningful and effective manner.
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Great Counselors. Great Solutions. Foster Healthy Learning Environments with Empathia.

Impact Response Model by Empathia

Bringing Competence, Compassion & Commitment to Those We Serve


From a student-run or school-sponsored event to a large-scale crisis that impacts the entire campus or community, we have your back.


Whether it’s supporting an individual family need or responding to a full-scale crisis impacting your entire enrollment population, our expert team is accessible on an immediate, live-answer basis, 24/7 across the globe.


Through a customized, phased approach, our team provides specific tools and resources tailored to the unique challenges that students and their families face.

Through the integration of two distinct capabilities – student assistance and large-scale crisis response and recovery – we’re able to provide services across a continuum of care, spanning the needs of students, families, staff, campuses and their communities.

When you access student and family assistance programs from LifeMatters, our team of caring, competent professionals provide individual and family crisis intervention, counseling and school/life support.

Layer on our Black Swan Solutions service and, should a crisis or disaster impact your institution, you’ll experience the power of our full-scale, strategic response.

At Empathia, our services intertwine, closing the gap between student assistance and large-scale crisis management. Experience industry-leading student and family assistance, crisis response, global service delivery, seamless handoffs and powerful communication technologies, all leading to unsurpassed support for your orgainzation during times of critical need.

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