Critical Incident Response

Responding to Critical Needs

Critical Incident Response for Organizational Teams

Crisis doesn’t just impact organizations, its leaders and its employees. Crisis ripples out to customers, vendors, suppliers and other business partners. Our Black Swan team takes traditional incident response further, extending it to your entire organization’s eco-system. Help process and recover from critical incidents and heal as a stronger, more integrated team. We rebuild capacity and care through:

  • Regaining vendor and customer trust after a major crisis
  • Building awareness and education with partners
  • Communicating and adapting to the death of a key leader
  • Sharing response plans and business continuity changes post-crisis
  • Enhancing communication across the supply chain

Rebuild your people and rebuild your circles of influence so you can rebuild your readiness for what’s next.

Rebuild Trust, Repair Organizations

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Crisis Management Services from Our Critical Incident Responders

Return to the new-normal. From emotional and mental wellbeing of people within your organization, to supporting your key business partners post-crisis, our critical incident response team is here to help through:

  • Immediate telephonic access
  • Fast on-site response
  • Individual and group debriefings
  • Management consultations
  • Educational presentations
  • Counseling referrals
  • Event anniversary planning and preparedness

Services may vary by plan. Please contact or call 866.332.9595 for more information.

Immediate & Local

Fast, immediate access with on-site response. We deploy a team of responders to ensure your organization is supported.

Extended Focus

While other critical incident programs focus solely on your organization, Black Swan extends to your business partners, vendors, key customers and more.

Industry Awareness

We will help your leadership plan, prepare for and respond to similar industry events, helping build continuity across your partnerships.

EAP Integration

Leverage the power of our LifeMatters team, and you’ll have an integrated Employee Assistance Program leading to unsurpassed support for your organization.

Other Crisis Management Services from Empathia

Before, During & After the Crisis We Are Here to Help.


Crisis Call Center

A stand-ready call center and Emergency Operations Center help manage people and information. We are ready to activate in 60 minutes or less.

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Victim & Family Assistance

Provide support, fast! Logistical coordination and an on-site Family Assistance Center pairs our crisis specialists 1:1 with victims and families.

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Information Management Tool

Information, incident management, data and notifications at your fingertips. Our proprietary software helps you communicate when it matters most.

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Ready Yourself, Repair Your Team.