Disaster Information Management Software

Information, Access & Immediacy

Unfortunately, when you’ve seen one crisis, you’ve seen one crisis. However, when you’ve observed multiple organizations attempting to respond, collect information and make sense of it all in the heat of the moment, you recognize the need for a better way. Our Disaster Information Management Software (DIMS) was developed from decades of experience, constituting a time-tested answer for effective data management. DIMS helps organizations:

  • Collect, document and process hotline calls
  • Locate, track and account for people
  • Organize information by survivor and client
  • Manage the intake and transfer process for better handoffs
  • Understand critical response needs in real-time
  • Share checklists, maps, press releases and more

Move from chaos to control by centralizing communications and managing information.

Real-time Information is Critical

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Disaster Information Management Software Features

Technology and a virtual command center can improve your critical emergency management components. With the right tools, you can focus on the right tasks. DIMS provides:

  • A web-based incident management system
  • A secure platform to share real-time information
  • A virtual command center
  • Scripting for crisis response specialists
  • A survivor/family/responder database to support accounting for people
  • Real-time reporting

Services may vary by plan. Please contact online@empathia.com or call 866.332.9595 for more information.

Driven to Support People

Traditional information management systems handle incidents, not people. DIMS takes you much further, supporting intake, real-time assistance and ongoing follow-up for survivors and families.

Customized Database Technology

As a relational database with real-time reporting and available customization, our software doesn’t just connect the dots between information and care, it helps deliver it.

Real-time Information

Access information and prioritized to-do lists, view thematic trends in survivor needs, and centralize important decision-making data.

Continuity of Care

A tool supporting a coordinated response, DIMS stores survivor information and needs, enabling effective communication across the response team.

Other Crisis Management Services from Empathia


Incident Response Contact Center

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Survivor & Family Assistance

Deploy on-site support where it’s needed when it’s needed. Logistical coordination coupled with an on-site Family Assistance Center pairs our crisis specialists 1:1 with survivors and families.


Critical Incident Response

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Be ready when crisis strikes.