Respond & Recover As a Team

Critical Incident Response & Recovery

Crises come in all shapes and sizes, often without warning. Managing the impact of a workplace incident requires collaboration between your internal resources and our crisis-tested expertise. Like most EAPs, Empathia offers a smaller-scale crisis response. However, we have also created a robust crisis response and recovery capacity that is scalable to the scope and intensity of large-scale events. At Empathia, we can help your organization respond to:

  • The death of a co-worker or leader
  • A major layoff or restructuring
  • Serious workplace accidents
  • A violent incident in the workplace or community
  • Natural disasters
  • Terrorist incidents
  • A data breach or other reputation-threatening event
  • Any other traumatic incident impacting your workforce or organization

When bad things happen, we have your back.

Regain Control & Perspective

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Recovery & Healing Post-crisis

Engaging With Our Critical Incident Response Team

We have expertise and decades of hands-on experience to help your employees and organization recover from a critical incident. Our response and recovery services include:

  • Immediate telephonic access to crisis response specialists
  • Rapid on-site response as needed
  • Individual and group debriefings
  • Consultation with HR and leadership on organizational responses
  • Sharing helpful information on normal reactions and self-care approaches
  • Counseling referrals for those in need
  • Event anniversary planning and preparedness
  • Other customized responses as requested

Services may vary by plan. Please contact or call 866.332.9595 for more information.

Immediate Access

When you call for assistance, you’ll receive immediate access to a trained, engaged crisis response specialist.

Boots on the Ground

We dispatch crisis response specialists to the affected location to ensure you have the support you need, when you need it.

Integrated Teams

Partnering with our crisis solutions team, we can address large-scale crises and disasters that can overwhelm EAPs that focus on smaller-scale events.

Attention to Detail

Amidst the chaos of a crisis or disaster, there is a plethora of details demanding attention. We’ve been there, so we can help you recognize and respond to the little things that make big differences.

Other EAP Services from Empathia

Be Prepared for Whatever Comes Your Way


Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Empower your employees to lead positive, productive and prepared lives at work and at home.

Work/Life Resources

Connect your workforce to resources that help balance the stressors of life. From financial and legal consultation to dependent care and more.

Management Consultation

Help your managers become better leaders by navigating employee questions and issues in a timely and effective manner.

Start the road to recovery with help from Empathia.