Empathia's Impact Response Model

Behavioral Health Services - Work of a Critical Nature

Employer Services that Bridge the Gap Between EAP & Crisis Management

We live in an imperfect world. There are good days, bad days and sometimes, disastrous days. From employee assistance programs to large-scale trauma response and disaster management, in times of crisis, we are here to help.

Because crises come in all forms and scales, so must our response. At Empathia, we provide behavioral health and crisis recovery services across a continuum of care, addressing individual, organizational and community needs.

Crises are unpredictable and each one is distinct, which is why we’ve created our integrated “Impact Response Model.” Our LifeMatters and Black Swan Solutions teams are each unique in their capabilities, yet are intertwined, closing the gap separating EAP and large-scale crisis management.

Experience industry-leading employee assistance, comprehensive crisis response, global service delivery, seamless handoffs and powerful communication technologies, all leading to essential support for your organization during times of critical need.

Compassion is Our Strength. Let Us Take on What Overwhelms You.

Impact Response Model by Empathia

Unsurpassed Support for Your Organization During Times of Critical Need



From individual or small-scale events to large-scale crises that impact an entire community, we have your back.



Whether it’s a strategic response to an individual need or a full-scale disaster, our expert team is accessible on an immediate, live-answer basis, 24/7 across the globe.



Through a customized, phased approach, our team provides specific tools and resources tailored to the unique challenges facing your workforce and organization.

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