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Employee Assistance Programs

At Empathia, our approach to an employee assistance program (EAP) goes beyond providing an employee benefit. For over 35 years, we’ve helped employers and employees be at their best and we have the metrics to prove it. Compassion, paired with a people-centered approach, contributes to increased levels of employee engagement and life satisfaction, both of which drive organizational success. Our dedicated team of management consultants has the experience and expertise to help assess, develop a plan and monitor high-profile situations that impact managers and HR. We offer services dedicated to employee wellbeing, including:

  • Financial and legal counseling
  • Caring for an elderly parent
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health concerns
  • Stress management
  • Parenting and childcare concerns
  • Marital issues

Our LifeMatters EAP gives you what you need … a stronger organization and proof that you care for your team.

Not Just Another EAP

Are you looking for both competence and compassion? The pages of an EAP proposal can’t demonstrate these traits. Other providers may offer good EAP services, but at Empathia, you get competence infused with compassion.

Great Services + Great People.

Because when it comes to the wellbeing of your employees, one without the other is meaningless.

Providing Choice Services for Life’s Choices

LifeMatters EAP

Our industry-leading EAP and work/life resources support your employees and their family members in meeting life’s challenges, great or small, in your workplace or across the globe. LifeMatters, the employee assistance program from Empathia, helps you provide effective employee and family workplace support programs including:

  • Telephonic, video* and face-to-face counseling
  • Risk assessment and response
  • Critical incident response and management
  • Management consultation and referrals
  • Work/life resources and community referrals
  • Online content and resources
  • Professional development for managers
  • Leadership, workgroup and employee training

Employee Assistance = Business Excellence. Business Assistance = Employee Excellence. No matter how you spin it, Empathia’s employee assistance program is Good for People and Great for Life.

*Not currently available for members in California.

Student & Family Assistance Programs

Students are constantly juggling work, family, social, financial and academic pressures that are impacting their lives and educational success. Empathia’s Student & Family Assistance Programs provide the support necessary to help students and their families manage the stresses of everyday life by providing specialized services, including:

  • Telephonic, video* and face-to-face counseling
  • Telephonic financial consultations
  • Telephonic and in-person legal consultation
  • Identify theft consultation and resources
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Assistance in finding child/eldercare services, schools, pet resources, adoption agencies, etc.

Developed specifically for colleges, universities and school districts, our program provides the same high-quality services and support for students and their families as we do for our traditional EAP programs.

*Not currently available for members in California.

Global Service Delivery

Designing and administering EAP and crisis management services at a global level is complex and dynamic. You need centralized tools to plan and deploy, coupled with responsive and measurably effective services that are delivered in culturally relevant ways. Empathia’s global services are delivered across six continents worldwide.

Protect and care for your team ... no matter where they are located.

Our Key Employee Assistance Program Offerings

Designed for Whatever Challenges Life May Bring


Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Help your employees obtain the help and assistance they need, quickly and comfortably. As an employer, you know the impact mental health and substance abuse issues can have on your workforce. Our counseling programs help employees stabilize their worlds and return to work positive, productive and prepared for duty.

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Work/Life Resources

In today’s connected world, the boundary between employee’s work and personal lives are easily blurred. Our LifeMatters team will connect your employees with resources to help navigate financial, legal and dependent care challenges, among many others. The result? A more focused, engaged and productive workforce.

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Management Consultation

In addition to any personal concerns of their own, your managers and leaders must handle the impact of struggling or dysfunctional employees on your organization’s success. Our team of dedicated management consultants and performance coaches will help your managers address employee issues in a timely and effective manner.

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Critical Incident Response

Offering on-site support for your organization, our team of crisis response professionals helps your organization and employees to cope with critical events. Individual and group debriefings, management consultations and educational presentations help workforces transition to the “new normal” post-crisis.

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Great Products. Great People. Experience Proven Results with LifeMatters.

Impact Response Model by Empathia

Bringing Competence, Compassion & Commitment to Those We Serve


From individual or small-scale events to large-scale crises that impact an entire community, we have your back.


Whether it’s a strategic response to an individual need or a full-scale disaster, our expert team is accessible on an immediate, live-answer basis, 24/7 across the globe.


Through a customized, phased approach, our team provides specific tools and resources tailored to the unique challenges facing your workforce and organization.

Through the integration of two distinct capabilities – employee assistance and large-scale crisis response and recovery – we’re able to provide services across a continuum of care, spanning the needs of individuals, families, teams, entire organizations and their communities.

When you access EAP services from LifeMatters, our team of caring, competent professionals provide individual and family crisis intervention, counseling and work/life support.

Layer on our Black Swan Solutions service and, should a crisis or disaster impact your organization, you’ll experience the power of our full-scale, strategic response.

At Empathia, our services intertwine, closing the gap between EAP and large-scale crisis management. While virtually all EAP firms offer assistance with small-scale critical incidents, our team provides a robust response and recovery service scalable to crises and disasters of far greater magnitude. Experience industry-leading employee assistance, comprehensive crisis response, global service delivery, seamless handoffs and powerful communication technologies, all leading to unsurpassed support for your organization during times of critical need.

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