Crisis Response Training, Exercises & Drills

Practice Makes Perfect

When was the last time your organization tested its crisis response readiness? After completing crisis response training and/or running exercises and drills with our team, you can rest assured that if a crisis occurs, your team will be ready to respond. A plan is only as good as its execution, and we will help you be confident in yours by:

  • Running tabletop and functional exercises/drills
  • Customizing training to your organization and needs
  • Utilizing the wealth of experience from our crisis team
  • Tailoring content material and delivery to your audience
  • Training your organization on how to respond to all aspects of a crisis

Be confident in your crisis response plan.

Training, Exercise & Drills

Deploy a Tested Solution in Times of Crisis

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Crisis Response Training, Exercise & Drill Services

By working with our team of crisis management experts to test your crisis response plan, we can help your team through:

  • Crisis management, care team support, FAC and crisis care training
  • 30+ years of crisis management experience
  • Training on all aspects of a crisis, from preparedness and response to long-term recovery
  • Scenarios that, like real life, go beyond the end of the crisis itself
  • Customization for your specific needs and team

Tailored to You

Your response plan is unique to you, so your training should be, too. We tailor every aspect of our training, exercises and drills to be relevant to your organization and industry.

Expert Team

Our crisis solutions team has over 30 years of experience responding to all types of crises. Place your trust in our team’s ability to prepare you for any situation, as we’ve encountered a wide array of scenarios.

Training for All Aspects

Your team’s response to a crisis does not end when the crisis does, and neither does our training. We make sure your organization is ready for all aspects, from the tactical to the human impact.

Made for Today’s World

In today’s digital world, it is not as easy to host long, in-person events. We offer a variety of formats, including micro-trainings, breakouts and follow-up materials to ensure retention for every audience.

Other Crisis Management Services from Empathia


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Critical Incident Response

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Keep your team and organization prepared.