Life Balance Resources

Meeting Life’s Everyday Needs

There are times when managing life’s demands outside of work proves highly stressful. Too often, time pressures and task overload make the so-called work/life balance seem beyond reach. When juggling the logistics of everyday life spills over into the workplace, productivity suffers. Empathia’s life balance resources help your employees manage these demands by addressing issues like:

  • Home budgeting and debt management
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Caring for an elderly parent
  • Finding quality child care
  • Addressing legal questions
  • Choosing a college or university
  • A host of other life balance challenges

Finding solutions for challenges outside of work means greater engagement and focus at work.

Work_Life Resources

Help Employees Conquer Life

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Life Balance Resources & Convenience Services

EAP services extend far beyond mental health and substance use concerns. Our life balance and convenience resources offer your employees and their families hands-on assistance, including:

  • Verified referrals to services covered by your employee benefits, as well as community programs and resources
  • Telephonic and in-person legal consultation, as well as online self-serve resources
  • Telephonic financial consultation, online calculators and other benefits
  • Telephonic and online identity theft assistance and consultation
  • Online searches for child and eldercare services, adoption agencies, schools, pet care, etc.
  • Telephonic and online access for resources and referrals in areas such as home repair, travel planning, entertainment services, apartment locators, etc.
  • Free or low-cost estate planning

Learn about all the services Empathia has to offer. Services may vary by plan. Please contact or call 866.332.9595 for more information.

Verified Referrals

From finding a new daycare for the kids to a vet for your new pet, we’ll provide verified referrals to vetted service providers. We prescreen providers so you don’t have to.

Targeted Expertise

Specialized experts in areas such as eldercare, college admissions and special education are available to help guide decisions related to these critical life choices, among others.

Unbiased & Free Financial Advice

A rarity in today’s world, our Certified Credit Counselors and CFPs provide unbiased advice, including free debt management counseling.

Convenience Services

No one likes to make a dozen phone calls to complete one of the many daily chores that occupy your time. We’ll help minimize the hassle by expediting access to known and trusted resources.

Other Employee Assistance Services from Empathia


Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Empower your employees to lead positive, productive and prepared lives at work and at home.

Management Consultation

Help your managers become better leaders by navigating employee questions and issues in a timely and effective manner.

Critical Incident Response

Prepare for the unexpected. Our team can help your organization recover from critical events and post-crisis aftermath in the workplace.

Cross it off the to-do list with Empathia.