Behavioral Health Services for Manufacturing Organizations

Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Plastics, Textiles & More

From the assembly line to the conference room, Empathia supports your organization’s teams by providing services that increase wellbeing, engagement and productivity. Our employee assistance programs, culture optimization tools and crisis management services can help your leaders, managers and employees transform your organization. Our services extend across all sectors, including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Building and construction materials
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Electronics
  • Food processing
  • Plastics and chemicals
  • And more…

Keep the line moving and your team engaged with help from Empathia.

Developing Resilient Employees & Stronger Organizations
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Strengthening the Teams Within Your Organization
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Employee Assistance Programs

In our fast-paced world, life doesn’t slow down for anyone or anything. For those facing personal or professional challenges, life can easily begin to feel unmanageable. Empathia is available to support your employees facing these and other issues with services like:

  • Telephonic, video, chat* and face-to-face counseling
  • Risk assessment and response
  • Management consultation and referrals
  • Life balance resources and community referrals
  • Substance abuse prevention

*Not currently available for members in California.

Empathia’s EAP can help employees and their family members with an expansive range of personal, interpersonal and workplace concerns – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Crisis Management Services

From cyberattacks to natural disasters, a comprehensive crisis management plan can help facilitate a quick return to normal operations. In whatever challenge your organization faces, our team can support yours with services such as:

  • Dedicated, scalable, 24/7 contact center staffed by crisis counselors
  • Critical incident response and management
  • Professional on-site support
  • Organizational and management consultation
  • Survivor and family assistance

Protect your organization with a team of crisis response professionals that help you prepare for, respond to and recover from critical incidents.

Services to Assist Your Manufacturing Organization

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Job insecurity and life pressures may cause employees to feel too overwhelmed at home or work to function well. Our global network of counselors can help employees move forward in focused and productive ways by identifying inherent coping skills and strengthening personal resilience.

Incident Response Contact Center

In the uncertainty that follows a crisis, your organization may be flooded with calls. We ensure you have the infrastructure to manage your people, information and reputation. Our stand-ready call center activates within 60 minutes or less, while our team of crisis response professionals organize and initiate critical response mechanisms from our Emergency Operations Center.

Critical Incident Response

Accidents, injuries and disasters can hit at any moment. Our team offers on-site support for your employees through individual and group debriefings, management consultation and educational presentations to help with the transition to a “new normal.”
Survivor & Family Assistance

Survivor & Family Assistance

The care and support that survivors and their families receive during and after a crisis event is critical to their long-term recovery. Our team of behavioral health professionals are deployed on-site to coordinate the logistics of establishing and maintaining an on-site Family Assistance Center and pairing specialists 1:1 with survivors and their families.
Management Counsultation

Management Consultation

Middle managers may not always be equipped with the necessary soft skills to lead a diverse and widely-dispersed team. Our team of management consultants and performance coaches will help equip managers to support employees and address workplace challenges.
Work_Life Resources

Life Balance Resources

Rotating shift assignments and long hours can make achieving a healthy life balance a difficult task. We provide employees with resources to more effectively navigate financial, legal, child care and other life challenges.

Promote resilience & compassion within your workforce.