Behavioral Health Services for the Transportation Industry

Aviation, Marine, Road, Rail & Other Transportation Groups

Working in the transportation industry comes with unique challenges that test personal resilience and wellbeing. Difficult customers. Unforeseen schedule disruptions. Long hours away from family and friends. Managing a far-flung enterprise. The relentless demand for newer, better and faster services. These and other stressors occur behind the wheel, at the ticket counter, in the command center and in the C-suite and board room.

Empathia is here to partner with your organization and its leaders in addressing the personal and interpersonal challenges facing your workforce, from everyday stresses to large-scale crisis events. Our experience encompasses a variety of transportation sectors, including:

  • Airport services
  • Air and express ground delivery services
  • Commercial airlines and corporate aviation
  • Commuter rail, buses and other public transportation
  • Cruise lines
  • Helicopters and medical ambulances
  • Rail carriers
  • Tour operators

Deliver a better experience for your team and your customers with help from Empathia.

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Employee Assistance Programs

Our approach to providing EAP services aligns closely with the logistical challenges in the transportation industry. Like many of your operations, we never close. Competent, compassionate, professional behavioral health counselors staff our Care Center every day, 24-hours a day, providing always-live access across a variety of communication modalities. In turn, our counselors have immediate access to a broad range of professional and community services, both nationally and globally. Among other services, we provide:

  • Telephonic, video, chat* and face-to-face counseling
  • Risk assessment and crisis response
  • Management consultation and referrals on workplace concerns
  • Life balance resources and community referrals

*Not currently available for members in California.

Empathia’s EAP addresses an expansive range of personal, interpersonal and workplace concerns. We help employers and employees be at their best and we have the metrics to prove it.

Crisis Management Services

While our EAP services address personal and smaller-scale workplace issues, large-scale crises and disasters require a distinct and robust response capability. In the event of an accident or other major disaster, we support your team with rapid-response crisis management services, including:

  • Dedicated, scalable, 24/7 contact center staffed by crisis counselors
  • Critical incident response and management
  • Professional on-site support
  • Organizational and management consultation
  • Survivor and family assistance

Providing timely, competent and compassionate support for survivors and families in the aftermath of a large-scale disaster is both the right thing to do and critical for organizational recovery and reputation. In a high-profile industry, where workplace culture and organizational brand deeply influence success, disaster readiness requires preparation, practice and access to effective resources.

Services for Life’s Detours in the Transportation Industry

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

The fast-paced, stressful nature of the transportation industry, paired with mobile workforces, makes administration of benefits programs complex. Our global network of counselors can help employees achieve more life balance, empowering them to be more focused and productive while on the job.
Work_Life Resources

Life Balance Resources

Long hours away from home and stringent occupational standards can take a toll on employees’ life balance. We offer resources to help navigate financial, legal and other challenges, seeking to reduce the stresses of life, so employees can be more engaged, attentive and productive.

Critical Incident Response

Transportation disasters can have a significant impact on your entire workforce. In addition to addressing the needs of passengers and families, we provide group debriefings and individual crisis counseling for employees to normalize reactions, promote resilience and transition to a “new normal” post-crisis.

Information Management Tool

Emergency response plans are being activated more frequently in transportation. We’ve developed a proprietary system designed to document incident management activities, call center inquiries, collect and maintain survivor, family and responder demographics and generate reports for the organization and the authorities.

Incident Response Contact Center

Any large-scale incident will generate enormous call volume, but there’s no need to invest in expensive call center technology as part of your emergency preparedness. We maintain the voice and data infrastructure and staff to process the significant call volume associated with large-scale crises, plus we’re operationally ready within one hour.
Survivor & Family Assistance

Survivor & Family Assistance

We have the experience and resources to support survivors and families post-accident. Representing your organization, we will establish a Family Assistance Center, deploy behavioral health professionals to offer support and assistance to survivors and families, as well as organize family briefings with the responding authorities and agencies.

No matter the impact on your transportation organization, we can help.