Behavioral Health Services for Educational Institutions

Colleges, Universities & Proprietary Sector

Hitting the test score. Meeting the budget. Delivering results. Your incredibly diverse team faces pressures to perform at every level. Education isn’t just about the classroom, it can be a political, financial, security and standards-driven industry. Administrators, educators, students and parents are all part of this ecosystem, relying on each other to produce the next generation of leaders, while facing a myriad of new challenges. If your passion is education, our passion is to prepare you for everything that life might send your institution’s way. Empathia helps support:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Community and technical colleges
  • Study abroad programs
  • Auxiliary groups
  • Associations

Learn how to conquer work, school and life while preparing for the unexpected.

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Employee, Student & Family Support Programs

Life doesn’t always go as smoothly as curriculum plans. That’s why smart educational institutions help prepare their teams for real-world experiences, balancing the pressures of work, life and school safety. We know that your team doesn’t just include educators, facility and administrative staff, it extends to a community of students and families as well. Empathia is here to help with services like:

  • Telephonic, video, chat* and face-to-face counseling
  • Telephonic financial and in-person legal consultation
  • Identity theft consultation and resources
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Assistance in finding child/eldercare services, schools, pet resources, adoption agencies, etc.

*Not currently available for members in California.

While there isn’t a textbook solution to school/life or work/life balance, Empathia will help you build a culture that is prepared for the next phase of life.

Crisis Management Services

Unfortunately, all educational institutions are facing increased likelihoods of catastrophic events or crises on campus. With a large number of potentially impacted individuals and unique needs for crisis management, our team provides specialized services that are tailor-made for educational institutions and their constituencies, such as:

  • Dedicated, scalable, 24/7 contact center staffed by crisis counselors
  • Critical incident response and management
  • Professional on-site support
  • Accounting for students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders
  • Institutional, departmental and leadership consultation
  • Survivor and family assistance

Our crisis management services help institutions respond to and recover from all types of critical incidents, ranging from active shooter events and mass fatality incidents to natural disasters. Ensure you have access to the support you need during the most critical moments.

Services to Support Your Educational Institution

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

The pressures of high academic performance standards can weigh heavily on students and educators alike. Our counseling services help faculty, students and families navigate these mental and emotional stressors by strengthening their personal resilience and coping skills.
Work_Life Resources

Life Balance Resources

Increased workloads on staff and rising tuition costs for students and families can be overwhelming. Connect them with resources to help navigate financial, legal and life matters. We seek to reduce the stresses of school and life, so students, families and staff can be at their best.
Management Counsultation

Management Consultation

The importance of supporting school administrators and faculty members is critical. Our team of dedicated management consultants and performance coaches will help leaders with both professional and personal development training.

Critical Incident Response

Student suicides and mass crisis events are becoming more frequent than ever before. Our team will support your student population and staff in coping with critical events, along with assisting in transitioning to the “new-normal” post-crisis. Services can include individual and group debriefings, administrative consultation and educational presentations.

Incident Response Contact Center

Managing the safety of an open population campus during a crisis is a major responsibility. Our stand-ready call center activates within 60 minutes or less, while our team of crisis response professionals organize and implement critical tasks from our Emergency Operations Center.
Survivor & Family Assistance

Survivor & Family Assistance

Caring for survivors and their families during and after a crisis event is critical to your institution’s reputation. Our team handles all logistical coordination involved with establishing and organizing an on-site Family Assistance Center and pairing specialists 1:1 with survivors and their families.

We help care for your team, no matter your institution.