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Measuring Success

I don’t remember ever having known somebody who didn’t have something about themselves that they wanted to change. And pretty much everyone has had something that they really struggled with. It’s certainly true about me and I encountered the same obstacle that others have. We get frustrated when the change we want doesn’t happen right […]

The Amazing Race of Life

When life runs smoothly, we usually find it easier to feel happy and relaxed: our coffee maker delivers fresh hot coffee, the car starts and gets us to our destination, and the umbrella stays intact, despite the driving wind and rain. When our days are filled with these little marvels, our lives become easier. We […]

The Gifts in the Grieving Process

It seems odd, doesn’t it? To even consider that there may be a single gift to be found in grief? It’s almost counterintuitive to think there would be an iota of redemption found in a process that is, by its very nature, heart-wrenching and emotionally depleting. Yet, the experience of loss does not have to […]

Proper Input

No doubt you’ve heard the common phrase “garbage in, garbage out.” It originated, I believe, with computer scientists to explain how computers are dependent on the input we feed them to produce the quality results that we want. Computers are logical devices. Their only “thinking” capability is hard wired into them. They operate with such reliability that any variability […]

Words Matter

The words we choose matter. Although relationships with others can be complicated and confusing, words give us the ability to express ourselves and connect with others. Words are among the most powerful tools we have available to us. People often struggle to find the right words when a loved one experiences a challenging time. Unfortunately, […]

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety. Three days of hard work and I overcame the unhealthy hold it had on my life. It sounds like a television testimonial that will ask you to buy their product, doesn’t it? From one perspective, it took only a few days of focused attention and emotional tumult to knock down anxiety and improve my […]

From Peer to Manager (HR/manager blog)

When asked to write a blog, my first question was, “Do I have to write about manager stuff?” I’m one of those managers who never went to management school. I fell into it because I loved my job, the people I work with, and the company I work for. Plus, I was up for a […]

Uncertain Times

When we encounter life’s challenges and face times of uncertainty, it often seems as though we need all available energy to manage our stress and maintain the belief that better times are ahead. While we cope with difficulties without knowing exactly when things will improve, everyday responsibilities still clamor for our attention. As much as […]

The Magic of 21 Days

21 Day Fix, 21 Day Kickstart, 21 Day Sugar Detox, Transforming Habits in 21 Days, Quit Complaining for 21 Days, How to do Anything in 21 Days… A quick Google search can show you that just about anything can be achieved if you work toward it for 21 days. But, what is so magical about […]

Management Lessons from my Child’s Riding Instructor (HR/manager blog)

My eleven year old daughter has been taking riding lessons for just over 9 months. Each weekend, we drive out to a stable and she spends an hour with her teacher and a borrowed horse learning the ins and outs of safe riding and jumping. I play with the barn cats, take pictures and translate […]