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Relating in the Moment

Many years ago, my son was milling about in a box I had set aside for Goodwill. Gasping, he pulled out a matchbox car destined to be a donation. “Mom don’t you REMEMBER this?! This was YOUR car! In all those races we had when I was little…?!” Quite honestly, I did not remember that […]

Spring, But No Break

Of all weather stretches in the Midwest, the time period after the holidays and before spring, is often the most challenging. Many would argue “spring” never comes or if it does appear, it is only for a day or two, and then summer sets in. This year, the Midwest winter lingered far past its welcome, […]

Ice Age

I hiked the Ice Age National Scenic Trail last year. All 684 miles of trail. The inspiration to do this came from a movie and book called “Wild”. This is a true story about a woman who hiked 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from one end to the other, and in doing so, […]

Sometimes You Have to Unfollow People in Real Life

Social media seems to make it too easy to have a lot of “friends” who aren’t really friends. Oftentimes, for the sake of ease, to not hurt anyone’s feelings, or to feel popular, we keep them as friends just because it keeps our ‘friend count’ higher. Somehow, this boosts our sense of self-importance/self-worth. But is […]

Are You Growing Tomatoes in the Shade?

My neighbor has a green thumb. Her yard is filled with beautiful flowers, mature trees, well-trimmed bushes, and her grass resembles a plush green carpet. There are bird feeders, bird houses, and bird baths. It is serene. Yet I am puzzled year after year by the location of the vegetable garden. Why are the tomatoes […]

Lessons Learned from Disaster Response Experiences

Having worked in the EAP industry for almost 25 years, I’m occasionally asked what I’ve been the most proud of and what has been the most challenging during my time working with employees, managers/HR, family members, affiliates, vendors, and colleagues. My answer is always the same. Working on any large-scale disaster where there are mass […]


January is a month when many of us resolve to identify and implement more positive living habits. At a New Year’s Eve gathering, our family took turns sharing our “resolutions”. The responses seemed to involve the typical goals: live more in the present, eat nutritious foods and exercise, do well in school, and even get […]

2017 EAP Blogs: An Appreciation and Looking Forward

As we near the end of another year, we would like to thank all of the Empathia staff who contributed to our blogs in 2017. It’s greatly appreciated! Here are our wonderful writers’ names and a web link to their article(s): Carol W. – http://www.empathia.com/author/cwilson/ Chris M. – http://www.empathia.com/author/chris-m/ David G. – http://www.empathia.com/author/davidg/ Jenny M. […]

To Tell the Truth

This past summer, my husband and I visited a small resort community for a weekend vacation. One morning, we headed into a breakfast café and immediately knew this was not the spot where we wanted to eat one of our few meals out during our getaway. While the restaurant was popular and trendy, we were […]

Habits of Happy People

I’m a sucker for lists, so I loved one that I came upon recently called “Nine Habits Happy People Ditched a Long Time Ago,” which are as follows: They don’t compare themselves to other people. They don’t need to succeed on their own. They don’t ignore an obvious source of fun. They don’t wish for […]